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Feb. 19, 2022

How Trust Deepens for More Manifesting Success

How Trust Deepens for More Manifesting Success
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In this episode 3 powerful manifestors share where they are on their law of attraction and money manifesting journey.

First these three share how they have manifested over $30,000 collectively.

Next we discuss trust and some ways it’s deepening for this group including:

  • Trusting the process and not thinking you’re “doing it wrong” if it looks different than you expected.
  • Feeling like anything really is possible.
  • Allowing yourself to dream bigger than ever before.

We also talk about evidence and how not getting a job, and the experience of it can be great evidence that what you want is on it’s way.

In terms of growth we talk about taking time to feel your feelings and updating stories.

Here is what Wendy discusses about telling stories in this interview, “Shifting my overall money story and outlook. Not only do I catch myself and stop telling old stories, I'm finding myself needing to catch myself less and less. Also, letting go of perfection has been a big shift for me. Focusing on just showing up and not worrying if I'm doing everything perfectly has been great for the program. That thinking has also spilled out into other aspects of my life too.”


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