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May 4, 2022

Learn to Follow Inspiration for Manifesting Success

Learn to Follow Inspiration for Manifesting Success
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In this episode manifesting coach, Cassie Parks interviews six women using the law of attraction to manifest money and their dream lives. It includes sharing manifestations. As well as discussion of inspiration vs. howing, trusting your feelings, showing up, resistance, knowing your worth and more on leveraging the law of attraction.

This episode is the second of two episodes recorded June 2021 with Kate, Nicole, Luisa, Chona, Tierra and Leslie.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

This episode starts with each woman sharing her favorite manifestation in the previous few months.

Next these women share coaching they received that made a big shift in their thinking and being. These include:

Inspiration always comes back, and inspiration always works out. This was in response to my question about whether an idea I had was inspired, or if I was "how-ing" it. In the situation I was in, I was focused on the "how" and after this coaching I let go and the thing I thought was inspired didn't really come back to me. Now I'm on the lookout for the next time I feel inspired so I can notice the difference between inspired and how.

To trust in my feelings and if it’s a hell yes !!!!! you go for it.

To just show up! If you're afraid that you're not showing up, show up. Be the person who shows up and does the work. Show up as yourself and be open to shifting and coaching. Don't hide behind "perfection" or being "right". Let go and go live!

Next each woman shares how she knows, “it’s happening”, she is manifesting money and more.

Then they share how they have grown and what they have overcome during the previous few months. These include:

I believe I was resisting the work on a certain level at first - I don't feel that now. If I feel myself resisting, that tells me that growth will be taking place around that, and I don't feel myself resisting the work of growth.

Knowing my value and worth of what I offer in my business and trusting myself to make changes

The need to fix or have the answer to everything and letting go of worry.

Also, trust - trusting the process, trusting that things always work out for my best, when a door closes that just means another one will open.

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