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May 19, 2021

Learning To Let Go Using The Law of Attraction

Learning To Let Go Using The Law of Attraction
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Learning to let go when using the Law of Attraction isn’t always easy.

In fact, in this interview with Jeanne, she shares that in her 35(+) years of using LOA, that she doesn’t think she ever heard the “let go” part. This is a woman who would listen to Abraham for 2 hours at a time while she ran 8 miles. I’m sure they said it, she just didn’t HEAR it.

Do you know how to set an intention and let go?

It’s one of the things when using The Law of Attraction to create your dreams, that has a big impact on your success. 

It’s also something that takes practice and is learned by doing it over and over again.

It gets easier every time you do it.

Listen to hear Jeanne talk about how she started to hear you have to “let go” and how she’s practicing it to increase her success