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May 18, 2022

Let Your Future Self Lead To Manifesting

Let Your Future Self Lead To Manifesting
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In this episode, money manifesting coach Cassie Parks interviews five women using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. They discuss: how much money they have manifested, how time is not linear, practice choosing what you want, up-leveling when manifesting, how scripting allows your Future Self to show up, the yo-yo effect of changing limiting beliefs, managing anxiety around manifestions now showing up, and manifesting money while taking time off.

Below are more details:

This episode is the first of two episodes recorded August 2021 with Kate, Luisa, Chona, Tierra and Leslie.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

This interview kicks off with each woman sharing their money manifested totals. As a group they have manifested over $64,000.

Next each woman shares their biggest “ah-ha” about leveraging the law of attraction to manifest money and more. These include:

Time is not linear - everything I want in life is already here! Practice always choosing what I want.

One that stands out as a big ah-ha was when I asked for clarity around up-leveling. I met with two ladies who were looking for a contractor for project management work. After our phone call, it didn't feel like a HELL YES. So, I asked Cassie on our call if I was up-leveling by saying "No, I don't want this contract work. Instead, I will work at a job that pays me more money and I won't have to work extra." But, she coached me through it and taught me that the up level is just the No. I don't have to justify or explain why I said no. Just like how I can want what I want. I can say no to whatever I don't want.

Continue celebrating the evidence all around and know it’s happening

That scripting is for fun and allowing my future self to show up

To change the yoyo effect I have to acknowledge my limiting behaviours and dig deep to face them

Then everyone shares the coolest piece of evidence that they have gathered recently that tells them their manifesting is on track and happening.

Next, everyone shares the biggest way they have grown while using the law of attraction and manifesting over the previous few months. These include:

Managing my anxiety about things I want to manifest not appearing in the physical yet

Allowing my future self to take the lead. Trusting she knows what’s best for me.

The shift is that I am where I need to be, I am doing the inner work, even if I stumble and yoyo, I am being kind to myself, and continuing to to the work.

Luisa also shares how her Future Self has been showing up following completing her first Future Self Workshop.

“I took time off to travel to my friend's cottage. I canceled a whole week at the clinic. I let go and enjoyed myself and I didn’t worry about not making money that week. When I came back I made double the money that week at the clinic.”

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