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June 29, 2022

Manifest Better Communication In Your Relationship

Manifest Better Communication In Your Relationship
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In this episode manifesting coach Cassie Parks interviews Mia who is leveraging the law of attraction to attract money and more of her dream life. They discuss how communicating in a relationship can be hard, why communicating can be hard and learning how to communicate better. They also discuss the “Take 2” exercise that leads to better communication without digging into the “why” is this happening.

In this conversation, Cassie and Mia touch on all of the following:

Communicating in a relationship can be a challenge.

Learning how to do it better can sometimes even be more of a challenge, because often you’re trying to figure it out after the fact. Do it better next time.

There is a lot out there about all the things that go into communication, tone, verbal, non-verbal, body language, their perspective, your perspective, etc.

Most of the time when it comes to communication, partners are trying to fix it rather than create a different experience.

This happened with Mia. She had an incident with her partner and she was reading a book about the brain at the time. Because she wanted to get better she was going to do an exercise in the book.

When she shared this on a call, the exercise felt like it was all about digging into the “why”. The “why” it’s happening doesn’t matter as much as the “how” you want it to be in the future. So, I asked if she’d be open to a different way of improving her communication with her partner. She said, “Yes.”

Then I shared with her an exercise I call Take 2 (like in a movie where you shoot the scene again). Here are the steps for this exercise:

  1. Tell your partner you’d like to Take 2 for the situation.
  2. Ask them if they would be willing to play with you.
  3. Start the “scene” over and do it how you would have like to do it.

By doing a Take 2, you are changing your brain in the moment. You are changing the experience and giving your brain new information to pull from next time you’re in a similar situation.

In this interview, Mia and I talk in depth about Take 2 and what happened when she did it with her partner.

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