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July 13, 2022

Manifesting a Puppy

Manifesting a Puppy
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Are you a dog lover? If so, make sure to listen to this week’s episode of Manifesting Success Stories. Host Cassie Parks discusses the journey of grief to manifesting a puppy with Mia.

This is a great episode because it shows what happens when you are present with your feelings.

Mia and her partner made the choice to lay one of their dogs to rest. It was hard and of course sad. Because Mia has learned to feel her feelings, it was easier than it might have been. They felt their feelings fully. They talked about things throughout the process and gave themselves permission to grieve.

A short time later, while they still missed their dog, they were inspired to get a puppy. In a time where everyone wanted a puppy they manifested one quickly and easily and of course she’s perfect for them.

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