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Sept. 8, 2021

Manifesting a Raise

Manifesting a Raise
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Alisa’s former money story is Struggling Single Mother. At the time of this interview, Alisa had recently manifested a three-dollar raise!!! That is $6240 dollars more a year! In this interview, she talks about how she did it and how her money story is changing for the better. 

In this interview you will hear:

  • How Alisa slowed down her manifesting activities and took things step by step, rather than pushing to go harder and faster. This created more success for her. 
  • How she has shifted her money story and now loves seeing money in her bank account more than she loves retail therapy. 
  • You’ll also hear how her parents are financial people who made her budget, so she thought she knew where all her money was going. She was surprised to find she wasn’t as clear as she thought. Getting even clearer has helped her create more money in her bank account. 

Listen to get tips on how to uplevel your money story!