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Aug. 24, 2022

Manifesting Coach Answers Questions About Coaching, Money, and Trust

Manifesting Coach Answers Questions About Coaching, Money, and Trust
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In this episode Dave is back to interview law of attraction coach Cassie Parks about manifesting, what she loves about coaching, and where people get stuck when they are using the law of attraction to manifest money and their dreams.

These questions and answers were prepared prior to the show. Most all was included in the interview.

  • What is it about coaching others about LOA and money that you love the most?

The top three things I love coaching others who are using the law of attraction are:

  1. Cleaning up their thinking about the law of attraction and how it works. Most of my clients come with an encyclopedia of shoulds, have tos and things they think they are doing wrong about the law of attraction. I love helping them let go of all these heavy books of stuff they are carrying around and helping start playing with the law of attraction and enjoying the process more.
  2. This ties into the #1. The second thing I love is guiding them to their own answers. Instead of the answer they “think” they should have or answers that are based on past experience or something else they learned in LOA. I love showing them that the most powerful answers are their own. There are no “right” answers when using the law of attraction. The only answers that matter are the ones that are fully aligned with what you desire.
  3. Watching them open up to more. More opportunity, more possibility, more happiness. More of everything

The top three things I love about coaching others on money are: (did not share in the interview)

  1. I love witnessing that when your money story changes, everything changes.
  2. I love teaching manifesting money because a score card is built in that makes it easier to see that it’s working.
  3. I love coaching on money because I love witnessing the heaviness of money that has been taught or picked up by clients, released so they can indeed be open to abundance.

When someone starts your pay-after-you-manifest program, what are some everyday things you coach this person on?

To catch the stories that oppose what they say they want that they don’t even realize they are telling, over and over again.

Trust the process.

They don’t see the stories they are telling all the time that oppose what they want to create.

They get stuck in “fixing things” rather than creating things.

They get stuck trying to get the “right” answer/formula to make it work.

They focus on the “how” and try to manifest the thing they think will get them the item.

  • At this point in your journey in LOA, can you tell before you’re going to uplevel before it even happens?

I can’t tell when I’m about to uplevel. I am better at catching the things that happen.

When you uplevel, do you get ready for it somehow?

No. I believe trying to “prepare” for an uplevel takes you out of the present. Instead, you start looking for the uplevel and then labeling it, taking you out of the process and fully being present.

  • How long did it take you to learn just to let go and trust inspiration? Did that always come naturally for you?

No, trusting inspiration did not come easily for me.

As you grow and get better at this stuff, it’s easier to trust inspiration. I don’t question it or recognize inspiration as inspiration or that I am taking inspired action. I know I need to take it and follow the random nudge/whisper to check this or that or to go here. The part I still work on and have to remind myself is not to do anything when it’s inspired.

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