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Feb. 23, 2022

Manifesting More Success With Less Work

Manifesting More Success With Less Work
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In this interview three amazing manifestors continue their journey of using the law of attraction to manifest money and their dreams.

These three together have manifested just under $45,000 at the time of this interview.

After talking about their manifested totals we move into their biggest “ah-ha” about leveraging the law of attraction in the past few months. They share:

  • Continuing to trust the process
  • I am more successful at work, and working less
  • Working through forgiveness
  • Realizing how quickly one woman gave up in the past when it wasn’t happening “fast enough”

We then talk about the best evidence these manifestors have seen in the past two monthes.

Following we discuss the role of patience in growing and manifesting, as well as being willing to be visible, seen.

Then these women share some really fun manifesting stories.

Then these women share the biggest shifts they have experienced in the last couple months. These are:

  • How to find evidence everywhere
  • When you’re talking, you’re not feeling
  • How we often add words that add pressure without even realizing it

To wrap up these women share how they know it’s happening and the biggest thing they have grown through:

  • Taking a lot of self-care time
  • Idenifying the investment and offering a coaching program
  • Realizing how many stories she tells
  • Recognizing the pattern she had been living of “falling off the wagon” and beating herself up. Growing to be more patient and realizing that showing up is moving forward.


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