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July 7, 2021

Manifesting Quicker By Going Slower

Manifesting Quicker By Going Slower
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You believe the faster you go, the faster things will change. But then you stop because you’re not getting results fast enough OR you get burnt out because you were pushing so hard. A little while later you jump into a new thing and go really fast and hard again. The pattern repeats until you decide it’s time to do it differently.

For Kate, she decided to do it differently when I (pretty much) made her the first time she took Manifest $10K. I had created the program for people to do one assignment a day, and Kate is the reason it became a rule :)

She came in like a bull in a china cabinet determined to change, while doing the same thing she’d always done. Go so fast to try and change that change doesn’t have space or opportunity to happen. 

Thankfully, Kate is coachable. She listened when I said slow down. As she continued in The Enchanted Circle, she continued to listen and slow down even more. This allowed the work she was doing in Manifest $10K to actually start to shift things up.

At the time of this interview, she is in her third year working with me and doing Manifest $10K for her second time. If you listen, you will hear how she’s embraced the slow down in order to speed up growth. How she’s following inspiration rather than forcing change. And what amazing things are happening because she’s been embracing this for a while.

If your money story is Survival and you feel like you’ve been less than successful at manifesting money or changing your life, I can help you! Join Manifest $10K and I’ll show you how to slow down to speed up results. You can even pay me after you are successful. Click here to learn more about Manifest $10K and how to Pay After You Manifest.