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July 21, 2021

Manifesting What Feels Impossible

Manifesting What Feels Impossible
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Do you ever want to ask for something, but talk yourself out of it because you think it’s not possible?

You’re probably right. It’s not possible in your current reality because you don’t think it is. However, when you’re willing to STEP out of your current reality and allow yourself to step into the Future Reality you desire, dreams that once seemed impossible can come true.

This happened for Kate and she shares the story about 16 minutes into this episode. During her first workshop, Kate said she wanted to go on an amazing trip to Alaska. One of the things that would make it the most amazing is if her partner planned it. He never planned any trip they’d taken. At the time she scripted this, he also didn’t take vacations and close his office.

When I coached her to script the trip she really wanted, she told me her partner would never do anything like this. I told her to step into it and script it anyway.

Just a few short years later he brought it up and started planning the trip she had scripted all on his own. 

You don’t have to believe what you want is possible, you simply have to step into the person who has it. When you do that you open up that possibility portal and things start to shift in your current reality to help you line up with what you want. 

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