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April 6, 2022

Moving From Money Worry To Confident and Trusting

Moving From Money Worry To Confident and Trusting
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During this episode, Kate, Nicole, Luisa, Carrie and Leslie share their latest chapter in their Manifest Success Story.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

The episode starts with each person sharing their money manifested total. As a group, they have manifested more than $70,000 in just a few months.

Next, they talk about their biggest “ah-has” and growth over the past few months:

Nicole-How easy it is to tell a story that you don’t want and how it really does take practice changing the story to what you do want.

Kate-Past Expenditure - looking at the amount that it takes to cover an amount rather than the total amount due. Ie. the monthly payment due on my credit card, not the total due and what I would do with that monthly amount after it is paid off.

Carrie-Not needing to be perfect and accept that I can do things at my own pace. Also that if I show up for myself, things always get better.

Leslie-This is my first interview! My biggest takeaways so far: - let go - trust the process - feel my feelings

Then, everyone shares the coolest piece of evidence they have gathered recently.

And then we talk about the biggest way they have grown over the past few months:

Nicole-​​I’m now very conscious of the words that I use, and I’m getting better at navigating my way out of an unhelpful story

Kate-Letting go of the results and trusting all will work for my highest good

Carrie-I feel so relaxed about money! I have changed my habits and feelings surrounding it. I used to check my bank account multiple times a day, worried and stressed. Now I can just breathe and feel confident, trusting that there is always money in my account.

Leslie-I feel it but it's hard to explain...trusting my intuition and being mindful of overthinking

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