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Jan. 24, 2018

My Manifesting Isn’t Working

My Manifesting Isn’t Working
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Carrie-Ann is a Canadian Christmas and cat lover who discovered the Law of Attraction when she was trying to get a job. According to her, her life keeps getting better and better. She recently manifested a new job that has the culture she desired, is closer to home and allows her to ride to work with her husband, and has lots of freedom during the day.

It wasn’t always like this. Carrie-Ann first joined Manifest $10K with coaching support. As soon as she started doing the work it seemed like everyone except her started manifesting, especially her husband. Carrie-Ann’s husband was finding money and manifesting free pizzas like crazy.

Carrie-Ann was sure the law of attraction and the Manifest $10K process wasn’t working. She kept asking, “Where is my pizza?” Through coaching, Carrie-Ann learned that it takes time for the Universe to put big things, like a new job, together. Her patience paid off when a new job manifested quickly and easily.

As Carrie-Ann continues to grow and utilize the law of attraction, her life keeps getting better and better.

Listen to this interview to learn how the pizza came full circle for Carrie-Ann.

This is the first interview with Carrie-Ann in the Year of Growth series. Follow her journey of stepping into her future self, growing and using the Law of Attraction throughout 2018.

You can reach Carrie-Ann at camyot@hotmail.com


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