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May 10, 2023

S4, Ep. 372: Manifesting More Space, More Money, and Your Dream Home

S4, Ep. 372: Manifesting More Space, More Money, and Your Dream Home
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Vicki is back to continue sharing her amazing voyage in Law of Attraction!

Is manifesting your dream home easy?

Through that process, she’s learned that she doesn’t need to suffer through; she can ask for what she needs. With that new opened space, she saw that she couldn’t be worthy of more if she was suffering.

How to manifest a new job.

Through getting a new job, Vicki asked, “Is this going backwards?” “Is this not working?” It’s all totally working. It’s giving her the opportunity to know what consistent abundance is like in a way she had never experienced before. Including getting paid to be on vacation! She got to experience living the life of a person who gets paid to relax and live in a beautiful space. 

Do you want to pay off a loan?

Vicki recently paid off a loan in full! She had spent some time with Cassie getting clear about what money was coming in and where she was investing it. Just a month or two later, she was notified that her loan was actually paid off. A year before she had calculated! When she was getting clear about her money, it was so freeing to calculate at what date she would have paid off all of her debt. By doing this, she was directly tapping into the person who had that extra $400-$500 a month to play with. Even more powerful, she got clear on where she would eventually invest that money ahead of time. Those things are what opened up the space for that money to show up earlier than calculated.

How to get what you want.

We wrap up with Vicki telling us all about how she’s living in her dream home. A home she never sat down to visualize or make a vision board for, but it has everything she wanted in a home. She had spent so much time in Enchanted Life U, focusing on her future life as a whole, that she manifested her dream house. By getting clear on her future life, the house had to show up as a perfect fit.


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