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May 17, 2023

S4, Ep. 373: How to Manifest The Perfect Job

S4, Ep. 373: How to Manifest The Perfect Job
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Vicki manifested her dog following inspiration…

Since we last spoke with her, Vicki has manifested her dog! The dog is exactly what she pictured in her scripts. She followed inspiration and it lead her to the dog she’d been scripting about for only a few months!

How should you count manifested money?

She realized she could count her new job’s salary as money manifested! She followed inspiration to take this job, and now it’s an amazing fit, leaving her with a new total of $66,854.78! 

Can you trust your gut to manifest the perfect job?

Vicki learned how to follow and trust her gut. By trusting her gut feeling, she ended up with the perfect job for her in that moment, even though the details didn’t make sense. The details didn’t matter, because the details changed.

How saying “no” helped her manifest what she really wanted.

Vicki was offered a kids theater job that she normally would have jumped at the opportunity for. But this time around, her gut gave a resounding “No.” Confused, she turned down the job, even though it didn’t seem to make logical sense. Since then, she realized by saying no, so much space and fun has opened up in her life to allow for a brilliant summer ahead of her!

How Vicki has manifested enough money for the things she wants.

She created a budget for attraction that allowed space for more money to show up for the things that she wants! Before Enchanted Life U, she would have wanted things, but had no money for them. By getting clear on what each percentage of savings was for, and by putting in at least $1 into each portion every month, she now always has enough money for the things she wants! 

If someone had told Vicki as she started ELU that it would have taken 2 years to get to this place, would she have thought it was a long time? No. She would’ve thought it was such a short time, she wouldn’t have believed it.


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