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May 24, 2023

S4, Ep. 374: How Consistency Helps With Your Manifesting

S4, Ep. 374: How Consistency Helps With Your Manifesting
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Since last speaking with Vicki, she has “fallen off the wagon” as it were, when it came to her daily assignments. She felt that since she’d been in the program for over 2 years, she had enough tools to get herself through anything. Some time passed and everything was great so she really felt she didn’t need Enchanted Life U. Quickly, things in her life got really rocky, and it eventually felt impossible to get back in to assignments and coach calls. When things finally came to a head, she reached back out to the group for support. Knowing she had a built in cheer-squad, a proven system, and a coach is what made it her only choice for change.

Vicki had lost her consistency in showing up for herself. Going forward, having had this experience, she is going to show up with more dedication. It’s not out of fear, but having it come from a choice. She chose to show up for herself. When things get uncomfortable, it’s even more powerful to commit and show up for yourself and do the work.

It’s powerful to show up when things suck. It’s powerful because when you own that you need help or support, your brain opens up to accept solutions and guidance. Having a place or a thing to come back to, i.e. Enchanted Life U, is so important and comforting. 


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