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Oct. 6, 2021

She Manifested Everything She Has Wanted For 10 Years

She Manifested Everything She Has Wanted For 10 Years
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In this episode, you will hear Alisa say, "I have everything I wanted for 10 years." She is living the life of her dreams; married, about to have a baby, and starting a career that feels like she is meant for." She has manifested the life of her dreams, and it's only going to get better. 


In this episode, we also discuss the following:


What manifested total will be celebrating during your interview?


What has been your biggest "ah-ha" or growth since our last interview?

Not sure. The last few months have been wild. This WHOLE year has been wild.

What is the coolest piece of evidence you have gathered since our last interview?

FB post of someone looking for hypnosis to help with their money beliefs

What is the biggest way you have grown/changed/shifted over the past few months?

Confidence. I already trusted that things always work out, but I'm gaining more confidence that I can choose how it works out.

What's the best manifestation you've had over the past few months?

House! And I'm starting a new career.

What is coaching Cassie gave you or someone else that really made something "click"?

Still learning to let go of the "story" and really own that I am creating my life.

What is something you have grown through (overcome) in the last few months?

I've had a few moments of stress and panic that I had to feel through and choose to trust as part of the process.

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