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Aug. 10, 2022

Sophomore At Law of Attraction University

Sophomore At Law of Attraction University
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In this episode, manifesting coach Cassie Parks interviews Dave about how he using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. They talk about inspiration, taking inspired action and being a sophomore at Law of Attraction Univeristy and how Dave has manifested more than $400,000 in a year. They also talk about how Dave used to do 3 hours of scripting. He was frustrated because he wasn’t getting the results he wanted using the law of attraction.

Read more below. ***These show notes are based on answers given prior to recording.

First Cassie and Dave share how inspiration and inspired action led to this interview. Cassie shares how she had been getting whispers to interview Dave. He took inspired action by sending her an email. And the timing lined up as she shares this is the only moment she would have said yes to this type of interview series.

Cassies asks Dave what chapter title he would give this moment in his manifesting success story. Dave said, Sophomore at Law of Attraction University and explained why.

Cassie shares how this is around the time of changing to Enchanted Life University, where you get a 5 year Master’s in yourself and create the abundance and life of your dreams.

Cassie asks Dave what is your magic in the world?

Dave shares about music.

Cassie asks, What was your experience with the Law of Attraction prior to joining Manifest $10K?

Dave respondes, Frustrating. Doing three hours of scripting. Thinking about what I wanted every second of the day.

Cassie asks, says you  joined Pay After You Manifest, tell us more about why.

Dave answers, to be guided. He shares how he wasn’t getting the results he wanted and he was frustrated.

Cassie says, After growing and manifesting money, you said yes to the 5 Year Masters, tell us why or what led to that decision.

Dave answers, Whispers that said yes, this is where I want to be.

Cassie : You’re in your second year, let’s celebrate! What is your manifested total (all time, since you started)?

Dave: $404,026.18

The two discuss how the amount is actually higher than when he had sent Cassie his answers just a week before recording this interview.

Dave also shares his belief that anyone can learn an instrument in 5 minutes a day if they know what to do. Cassie and Dave apply this to manifesting and getting what you want faster and easier using the law of attraction.

Cassie asks Dave, What has been your biggest "ah-ha" or understanding/deepening of how the Law of Attraction and manifesting work?

Dave answers: I learned I don't need to take my feelings personally. If I'm not feeling good, if I'm experiencing a day of intense emotion, I don't worry about it. I no longer create stories like, "Why? Why do I feel this way?" I used to. Not anymore. I cultivated the stories I wanted to tell myself. I carefully craft them and keep them in working order. When some emotions come around that aren't cool, I don't grasp and I don't push them away and I definitely don't try to explain why. I want to keep awesome stories in my mind. I know exactly where I'm going, where I'm headed, so I just trust that and let the emotions do their thing. They usually just need to flow through and then I'm right as rain.

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