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April 27, 2022

Stop Howing to Manifest Money And More

Stop Howing to Manifest Money And More
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This episode is the first of two episodes recorded June 2021 with Kate, Nicole, Luisa, Chona, Tierra and Leslie. With host Cassie Parks they share the current chapter of  their journey to manifesting more money and their dreams. In this show we’ll discuss forgiveness, letting go, how what you say, think and feel impact what you create when leveraging the law of attraction. And stepping into the being rather than howing when manifesting.

More details below.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

In this episode these women share the amount of money they have manifested and then share their biggest “ah-has” they have had when it comes to leveraging the law of attraction to manifest money and more. Some of those are:

Forgivenss is a big piece of letting go, and letting go is a big piece of manifesting.

What you say and think and feel is what you create.

Stepping into the being vs. doing/HOW-ing manifesting. This has forced me out of my comfort zone and to really step into feeling and being vs. doing and how-ing. I loved when I asked about feeling the need to be perfect or get it right on my assignments when we were on a call. I was nervous about asking the question in front of everyone, but I wanted to show up and be coachable. I felt that because I kept thinking about being "wrong" that I was holding myself back from growing and having the ah-ha moments.

Next we talk about the evidence these women have been gathering that tells them what they want is on the way.

Next these women share the biggest ways they have been growing into manifestors who attract what they want. Some of these are:

I'm consciously practicing trusting my intuition. I'm feeling generally happier!

Growing more in my faith and feeling more peace and trust

The biggest way I have shifted is trusting more in the universe that money is on its way to me and believing that I deserve it. I've shifted more into being and becoming the person I want to be.

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