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May 25, 2022

Stop Living Your Old Story To Manifest More

Stop Living Your Old Story To Manifest More
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Money manifesting coach Cassie Parks continues last episode's interview with five women using the law of attraction to manifest money and their dream lives. They discuss: manifestations, how past experiences create present problems, resistance to scripting, how they know their manifestations are happening, overcoming people pleasing, allowing your husband to be themselves, saying no when it doesn’t feel good and not feeling worthy of manifesting love and money.

This episode is the second of two episodes recorded August 2021 with Kate, Luisa, Chona, Tierra and Leslie. With host Cassie Parks they share the current chapter of  their journey to manifesting more money and their dreams.

***Show notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

This episode begins with each woman sharing their best manifestation over the past few months. These include:

Being commissioned for animation work

Marc Jacobs bag

More clients

All expenses paid trip to Miami

Bathroom renovation

Next these women share coaching that made a shift in their understanding of the law of attraction and manifesting. These include:

Time is not linear.

What really hit me was how I may start thinking or analyzing a situation and how past experiences shape my perception of a "problem" or "situation" (it might not even be a problem, but maybe my past makes me think it's a problem) rather than just waiting for what's next. Maybe that's inspired action or doing nothing or taking a break or going for a walk.

Stop living our old story.

I was having a hard time with scripting. I told her I found it hard and that it didn’t flow for me. She told me that I was looking at it as difficult and therefore I was feeling the resistance. I now let go and I have fun with it. I do what feels good and I don’t look for perfection and I don’t use my scripts as a way to get something

Allowing her husband to be himself.

Next each woman shares how she knows “it’s happening” and she is manifesting money and the life of her dreams.

Then each woman shares something she has grown through or overcome in the previous few months to become a better manifestor. These include:

I'm growing through my old story/self/identity. I'm overcoming people pleasing and stepping into my authentic, true, future self. I'm standing up for myself and setting boundaries. I'm saying no when something doesn't feel good. I'm in this spot where if I'm not THIS person then who am I? I know I'm growing into that person and learning more about myself. I'm really excited to step more into this version of myself.

Me not feeling worthy of manifesting love and money to move

The money I have is not only to just save and hide it away in envelopes. I feel more confident in investing my money when it’s a hell yes!!!

Manifest $10K