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Oct. 12, 2022

Tapping Into Your Future Self To Help Make Decisions

Tapping Into Your Future Self To Help Make Decisions

This is the sixth interview with Anita. During this series Anita is sharing how she is using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. The interview starts with Anita sharing how her Future Self is showing up trusting and that is helping her create more ease in her current life where she is moving homes.

Next Anita shares how her mental state has shifted during the previous year and that shift has happened in all areas including, money and relationships. Anita shares how she is more grounded and doesn’t speak negatively to herself any more.

Antia shares the most surprising changes in her life recently which are:

  • Getting engaged
  • Getting the exact ring she wanted
  • Her private pool

Anita goes more into the manifestation of her pool and how she thought it would happen 15 years from now if things kept going well.

Anita shares how others wanted her to be more open to homes outside the area she wanted. She stuck to what she wanted and manifested it!

The two talk about wanting something now and being open to it.

They talk about the power of intention and how it can be brief but powerful.

Anita shares how instead of making a pro and con list about selling her house or keeping it, she tapped into her Future Self for the answer and how it’s working out.

Cassie shares evidence of investment properties being paid off.

Anita shares a story about how she quickly manifested an amazing solution to the new floors in her house.  No stress required.

Anita shares Cassie’s coaching for handling the bad floor job:

  1. Stop telling the story, “They ruined my floors.”
  2. Focus on what you want, beautiful floors.

Anita then shares that after 30 minutes of focusing on what she wanted, their contractor called and said he would fix them without them even having to bring it up.

Anita shares how she is now experiencing the feeling she wanted.

Anita then shares another surprising manifestation, amazing skin. She shares how she has been battling skin issues her whole life. She shares how she followed inspiration to great skin.

The two talk about allowing ease into your life.

Anita shares another surprising manifestation, which is she quit drinking four and half months before this interview. She shares how she followed inspiration for this too.

They talk more about the power of intention and how quitting drinking was a natural evolution for Anita.

They talk about how “hard limits” don’t often serve us when leveraging the law of attraction.

Anita shares how she believes in a year from the interview, she’ll be sharing she has another source of income.

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