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March 9, 2022

The Many Forms of Trust When Manifesting

The Many Forms of Trust When Manifesting
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In today’s episode, two wonderful manifestors share their experience using the law of attraction to manifest money and their dream lives.

Together these two have manifested more than $42,000 and they kick off the show sharing their totals.

Next, we talk about their biggest “ah-has” which are seeing themselves in Paris and strengthening their trust muscle.

After sharing their favorite piece of evidence we return to talking about trust and doing nothing, having space for clients, and really leaning into trust.

They continue by sharing their favorite manifestations and then what they have learned in the last couple of months that has led to being stronger manifestors. They share:

  • That your Future Self and getting in touch with her is about you, and only you.
  • We attract what we are, more than what we want.

After sharing how they know it’s happening we talk about the biggest ways they have grown over the past two months.

  • Identifying, owning, and communicating boundaries
  • Being open and receiving feedback that might not feel good
  • Trusting intuition and inspiration instead of feeling bad about not doing assignments

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