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Feb. 19, 2022

To Manifest More, Show Up

To Manifest More, Show Up
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This week’s interview continues on from episode 307 with three amazing manifestors sharing where they are in their journey to manifesting their dreams.

We start out by talking about the best manifestations these women have experienced over the past few months.

Then we talk about shifts that have been made which are increasing their happiness and manifesting success. These are:

How getting and honoring a “no” is practice for when the “yes” comes.

How to show up as a musician when you have to do things that don’t feel “inspired” and how to open up to the inspiration.

We finish up the interview talking about what these women have grown through over the past few months:

Having difficult conversations about manifesting money with a spouse

Letting go of the attachment to perfectionism, which leads to more progress because you are showing up.

Listen to hear all the juicy details of their stories.


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