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Nov. 9, 2022

Trusting You Can Manifest More and More Money

Trusting You Can Manifest More and More Money

Cassie is joined again by Anita for the tenth interview in Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. Anita shares how she is getting better and better at manifesting money.

They cover the following topics:

(Show notes taken from answers given on the pre-interview questionnaire.)

Anita shares her current manifested total of $169,841.0

Anita shares that her biggest ah-ha recently has been coaching is her calling and that when she takes a big leap she is rewarded.

Anita shares the coolest piece of evidence recently is how fast money has come in when I commit to new big projects.

Anita shares more trust in my ability to attract the money I desire and doing all the things I've dreamed of doing is a big growth she’s had recently.

Anita shares that her Future Self has been showing up brave, trusting, confident, and authentic.

The money to pay for my entire Coaching Course and our backyard projects completed for the year have been Anita’s best manifestations over the past few months.

She knows it’s happening because I can see my dream life becoming a reality every day.

Anita shares how she’s grown, “Most of my financial fears are that I "can't afford" something I want. I keep proving to myself that I can.”

Anita asks Cassie, How do you approach strangers out in the real world and talk to them about coaching?

Tune in for the answer and all the juicy details about the good stuff in Anita’s life.

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