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June 9, 2021

What Does It Mean When You Go Back to Old Patterns?

What Does It Mean When You Go Back to Old Patterns?

In mid February of 2020, Jeanne had started to force things a bit. It wasn’t her fault. She had grown, she knew what inspiration was (you’ve heard that in previous interviews). She hugely stepped into her Future Self and was owning her title as the Menopause Guru on deeper and deeper levels. She was “becoming” in a big way.

And then, her old stuff kicked back up. This is common as you’re growing. I see it in many of my clients. They grow and expand and all of a sudden they’re going back to old ways. This is a process of learning and creating new ways. All that is normal and you just have to learn to look out for it, or have a coach that does that for you.

For Jeanne, I saw it. I saw the pushing starting up again. I saw the fear of money creeping in. And so, I gave her the assignment to ONLY do inspired things for 90 days. If it wasn’t 100% inspired, she couldn’t do it. 

What Jeanne really needed was space because her business was ready to evolve in a way she probably wasn’t ready to see yet. (You’ll hear about the big shift in a few episodes). When nothing is inspired, you need to put everything down. And she did. She took the coaching and at times, as you will hear in this interview, she felt stuck. Eventually, inspiration started to shine through and she started following it. Much of it had nothing to do with business, although it had everything to do with business. 

This space of not pushing allowed Jeanne to receive in new ways. It allowed her to really show up differently for her assignments, which allowed her to grow in new ways. 

She started her money manifested log again, and in three months she manifested $24,608.28.

Growing is an evolution, which often requires returning to the basics.

Listen to hear this moment in Jeanne's Journey!