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Sept. 14, 2022

What If You’re Not Manifesting As Fast As You Want?

What If You’re Not Manifesting As Fast As You Want?
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What happens if you don’t manifest as much money as fast as you intended?

In this episode Cassie Parks, money manifesting coach, talks to Anita who is using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. Anita hasn’t manifested her intention of $10,000 in 90 days and they discuss what that means and how Anita is handling it.

These two manifestors also discuss:

Taking a pre-vacation at home

How Anita manifested so far is almost the amount she invested in her 5 year membership to Enchanted Life U.

The decision to take a house off the market until it feels better

Being in the grey space to open up to possibilities

The space being opened up for more awesome

How Anita manifested all the details needed for part of her trip

Manifesting the perfect backpack for her trip

How things are flowing with ease in Anita’s life

How she’s manifesting more money for less work

How Anita used to think and now she feels

Being fine with breakdowns, not trying to hide them

How being kinder to yourself allows you to be more authentic

Realizing how she can bring her Future Self into her life now

Having less anxiety on vacation

Playing in your own story

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

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