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July 6, 2022

When Manifesting, Hard Doesn’t Always Mean Wrong

When Manifesting, Hard Doesn’t Always Mean Wrong
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During this discussion host Cassie Parks and guest Mia, discuss doing the hard things when you are manifesting and how it leads to growth.

Very often in the law of attraction world, you’ll hear, “If it’s not easy, don’t do it.”

As a coach, I’ve heard this used more than once as a way for someone to justify not doing a “hard” assignment.

I believe in doing things that are easy outside of what is required for growth. If plants didn’t push through their seed there would be no more plants. I see growing in a similar way. Sometimes it’s hard because we are breaking open our own seed in order to get to the sun.

Have you ever quit or skipped an assingment/exercise on your growth journey because it was hard?

In this interview, Mia talks about how the assignments that were the toughest for her led to the biggest growth.

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